Baise, William ‘Bill’ – 81st Wildcat Division at Peleliu

William ‘Bill’ Baise joined the United States Army during World War II. He was assigned to the 81st Wildcat Infantry Division that was headquartered at Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Bill Baise was born in December, 1924 at Columbia, Kentucky and entered service there as a young man. He remembers especially the battle of Peleliu in the South Pacific. Following that bloody battle, survivors were left to ponder for the rest of their lives, the miracle of getting through that combat experience alive when so many of their buddies never made it home.

Peleliu is just a dot in the Pacific Ocean and 1500 miles east of the Philippine Islands. General Douglas MacArthur ordered that Peleliu be taken to protect his flank as his forces prepared to take back the Philippines. Admiral Halsey and Admiral Nimitz thought the action was no longer needed, but MacArthur prevailed and on September 15, 1944 at 0800 hours the American armada approached the shores of Peleliu.

More than 16,000 Marines of the 1st , 5th and 7th Divisions and the Army’s 81st Division supported the invasion. Loaded among the supplies for battle were thousands of plain white wooden crosses. Dug in and fortified and waiting among the bunkers, caves and tunnels were 10,900 well trained and hardened Japanese soldiers and hundreds of Korean prisoner laborers. Marines and Infantrymen led the invasion on five separate beaches.

Major General William Rupertus, who led the attack, predicted that the fight would be quick and fierce. Unimaginable heroism combined with unspeakable horrors, sufffering and atrocities added to the hellishness of the place. Against terrible losses, Rupertus committed the 81st Infantry Division. Names like Hill 100, Bloody Nose Ridge, Umurbrogol Ridge, Death Valley, Amiangol Ridge and other hard fought battles became hellish memories for survivors as the ranks on both sides were thinned. After 3 months, on November 27, 1944 at 11 in the morning, GI’s in the 81st Division came up from the south on a mopping up mission and the worst was over.

American Marines and Army casualties numbered 9615 of whom 1656 were killed in action. Of the Japanese forces, more than 11,000 were dead. Only 302 prisoners were taken and most of these were Korean laborers. Memories of the noise of battle, the terrible 115 degree heat, the thirst and pain, fear and chaos and the stench of death have followed the veterans of Peleliu for decades.

Bill Baise was honorably discharged after World War II and farmed all his life at Greenfield and New Berlin, Illinois. Bill is among the original founders of the WW II Illinois Veterans Memorial Committee at Springfield. His only son, Bruce, was also a member.

William ‘Bill’ Baise, New Berlin, Illinois

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Peleliu and the 81st Wildcat Division.

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  1. jim oneill Says:

    My father, james oneill, was involved in the pacific during WW2.
    He was in the army. 323 infantry, Co. 1, first platoon.

    I wonder if any WW2 vets readong this knew him

  2. Kenny Jenkins Says:

    My Uncle James J. Queen, was killed on Peleliu by a land mine. He was in the Army, 81st Div, 323rd reg, co E. He was killed on October 26, 1944, possibly one of 9 men of Co E (though not confirmed) who were victims of an explosion that wounded 20 others.

  3. Jay Jackson Says:

    My dad, James Andrew Jackson, was on Peleliu with the Army, 81st infantry, in the artillery.  Battery C, I believe, under Captain Cook.  Only battery there, dad said.  Fired point blank at the caves to collapse the coral onto the holes where they were firing from forty feet back in the caves.  The flamethroweers were outlawed for three days by Eleanor Roosevelt and the artillery was put in close under sniper fire to replace the flamethrowers.  Any connections out there? Dad is alive and in declining health in Greensburg, Kansas.  He will turn 85 on 2-14-07.

  4. David Wilmes Says:

    February 3, 2007 To all veterans of the 81st Infantry Division: My name is David Wilmes. I am with the Saint Vincent College Center for Northern Appalachian Studies which is affiliated with the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. I have been interviewing World War II veterans since 1995 and in that time have conducted about 200 interviews. Currently, I and my colleagues at the Center are preparing a publication on the oral histories we have collected over the years. However, we would like to contact veterans of the 81st Infantry Division that I or my colleagues could interview, either in person or by phone, or submit questionnaires to about their service in World War II. Part of the book will be dealing with Pacific campaigns and being that the 81st Infantry Division played such an important part in the battles of Anguar and Peleliu, we would be remiss if we did not include some accounts of these brave men. Please feel free to contact me at this email address – or at my home phone which is (908)-269-5230. Thank you for your time in this matter and your service to our country. Sincerely, David Wilmes

  5. Mike Walker Says:

    my Uncle was a Technical Sargent with the 81st during world war 2 and i have books and articles and wildcat news letters that showed things they did. also have a group picture of his outfit. please email
    me would like to talk.
    Thank You
    Mike Walker

  6. Dr J. Boyd Says:

    I am the historian for the 81st RRC — the offspring of the 81st IN DIV. Our reunion is scheduled for 13-16 September 2007 at Fort Jackson S.C.

    If you are interested in attending please call me at 205.795.1534

  7. Daniel Eckes Says:

    My father served in the 81st inf. wildcat divison

  8. Chris McBride Says:

    My grandfather, Augustine Guerra served with the 81st Infantry Division Artillery unit.  He was a truck driver.  I am interested in contacting anyone who may have known him or have pictures of him.  I have some photos that he had sent home and would like to see if anyone out there can identify the men in them.
    Please email me at
    thank you,

  9. chris wojcik Says:

    My father in law Thomas Klasey served in the 81st infantry 323rd. He is now 87 years old and we are trying to get his discharge corrected that has a typo that put him in the 223rd. Any ideas to help us out? Please email suggestions to 
    thank you
    Chris Wojcik

  10. Belinda Whittington Says:

    My mom is asking me to research about her uncle who was in the Wildcat Division in WWII. His name was Jack Stennett from Oak Grove, LA. He was in the 321st Regiment. She knows from her mother, his sister, that he fought on Peleliu but wants more history of his division’s efforts in the Pacific. Any help as to where I can find this info would be much appreciated. My e-mail is Thanks!

  11. John Zimmerman Says:

    My father, Charles Zimmerman,SSgt, was in the 81st, Co. G, 323rd Infantry at Camp Adair, Oregon, Peleliu, Anguar, Ulithi and the occupation of Japan. He sometimes would give in to the pestering of me, a noisy son, and relate stories of his and his fellow brothers actions there. He died in 2001, on Valentine’s Day. He was a fine father and is sorely missed. Thank you all for your brave service.
    John Zimmerman, proud son, Tucson

  12. Margery Brown Finneran Says:

    My father, George Nelson Brown was a medic with the Wildcat Division and was on Peleliu and spent much time in the South Pacific. I have a few items from his time spent there and a few pictures too. He was Tech Sargent. If anyone has any information I would love to hear from them, as unfortunately my father died when he was 43 years old and I was very young then. My email is
    Kindly, Margie Finneran

  13. Ellison Dunlap Says:

    My Grandfather was with the 81st artillery in Peleliu. His name was Herschel Ellison Dunlap or (Ellie) as some called him. Sadly he passed away Oct. 3rd 2007 and he never talked much about the war.
    Is there someone that may have known him or have any type of photos with him that I could get copies of?

    Any help would be much appreciated! You can contact me at

  14. Glenda Carpenter Says:

    My father is Harold L. Smith, 83 yrs. old, from Ft. Worth Texas. He served in the 81st. He would like to hear from anyone that knows him from his unit. His email address is He nows lives in East Texas with his wife and still has a ranch with a small herd of cows.

  15. Ryan Schaul Says:

    My grandfather William Ellison from Milo, ME served in the 81st division, 321 Infantry. He passed away in February of 1990. Thank you to all who served with him. God Bless.

  16. Jeff Says:

    I have a team that regularly visits Anguar to maintain memorials.  I am looking for information/photos on the temporary US Cemetary that was constructed on Anguar.  We would like to rehab the gates, flag pole on the monument, and plauqes that hung at the entrance.
    Does anyone have any info/pics?

  17. Joe Coffey Says:

    I personally know Bill “Brancy” Baise and his family. A better human being never walked this earth. Thanks for everything you and your brothers in arms did and all that you sacrificed during the war. No better example could be found of a “fighting Kentuckian” than you. God bless you and all of your family.

  18. Randall Orzalli Says:

    My father Louis Antone Orzalli was in the 81st, 323 infantry. Dad died in 1966 we are seeking any information we can fine about him..
    He served with a man called Oliver Valentine Jumping Eagle Jr. from Wounded Knee South Dakota. I understand the Oliver passed away in 1988. We would like to contact his family.

  19. John Perkins Says:

    My Father served with the 81st and passed away 5 years ago. He never spoke much about the War. I do know that he was the keeper of the wildcat mascot named Tuffy. I have a photo of the wildcat after it was de-activated and sent to the Memphis Zoo. My Fathers name is Edwin Haskel Perkins. His good friend was Chaplin Harry Hargrove if anyone knew my Father or Chaplin Hargrove please contact me at and I will be glad to send copies of Tuffy to anyone that requests it and I do have several other photos of His time spent in the South Pacific and will be glad to share them

  20. Marcel Says:

    anyone hear the name Michaelangelo associated with 81st Wildcat Rangers?

  21. Eduarodo Ricks Says:

    My dad’s uncle, Edward Andrew Ricks, fought on in the 81st on Peleliu, and sadly was blown up by a mortar and survived. I’m guessing he was in the 321st regiment, and was in some kind of Wildcat Rangers. My uncle said Edward would pick out coral rock out of his skin, probably due to the bomb that blew coral everywhere. He never truly talked about the War. He died in 1975. If anyone knows about “Eddy” Ricks, contact me at

  22. Maura Byrne Kett Says:

    My dad Edmund “Eddy Byrne was part of the 81st Infantry. He was a tanker with the 710th Tank Battalion. I know he fought on Anguar and Peleliu but I have no information for the remaining 15 months that he spent in the Army. (His basic training was at Camp Polk in Louisiana). Dad passed away in April of 1991, without so much of a word of the war he fought in. I never thought to ask. Now almost 2 decades later I’m searching for this information. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thank you so much. Maura

  23. jeff d, williams Says:

    my father,j.d.williams was in the 81st inf. div,323rd reg. he was a capt, i am not sure of his role, because he never talked about it. much….i do know he saw alot of action and he cared very much for his men i belivie…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  24. Terri Powers Says:

    My father was Ray Niederhofer  he was in 81st div. I have tried to look up his records but they were in the fire in St. Louis. He attended the wildcats reunion that was held in the early 90′s If any one knows anything about him please let me know. I am his daughter
    Thank you,
    Terri (Niederhofer) Powers

  25. Bruce Baise Says:

    Thanks to all who have posted here. Ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things,each and every one of them. May God bless each and every one of you. This whole project began at our kitchen table one Sunday morning after a Wildcat reunion in Springfield in 2000. It will remain one of my father’s greatest achievements during his life,to work with all of the people who made this great project possible.Special thanks to Denver Kunz,who has been a family friend for over 50 years. Den has a saying over his workstation,it says “We help you get what you want”. He did with this project plus he’s been like a second father to me.

  26. Janice Coombs Says:

    My Dad, James Lloyd Coombs, he served in the 81st Wildcat Division in WWII.  He passed away in 2003.  I have a large framed poster of the 81st Wildcat Division.

  27. phil marnell Says:

    my brother, captain gerald p. marnell was killed in action on Anguar.
    would like to hear from any who served with him.  thanks and best
    wishes to all who fought on this island.

  28. Jan Baron Says:

    My father, Robert Hedwick, I believe was with the 81st Wildcats. He has a tattoo of a black wildcat with his paw in front of him. Is this the same? He has Alzheimers now and can’t tell me anything anymore. He used to talk about the war all the time. Sadly with this disease, he thinks he still is there. He sometimes pretends to fire his weapon, thinks ‘they’ are coming to get him, really sad but it’s the only thing he remembers. He even creases his pants constantly like he still is in the Army. His bed is perfectly made, just like the Army, sadly it’s all that he can do. He proudly served his country. Yet when you try to get the pension he deserves, he is forgotten. Going on 8 months and the VA won’t give him his money so I can keep him in his own home.

  29. Tom Cauwels Says:

    my father, Francis J. (Red) Cauwels served with the Wildcats of the 81st. He was oriiginaly from Minnesota and now resides in California. Local radio does a Sunday show called “Hometown Heroes” Dad id featured guest this Sunday August 10, 2008 on KMJ 580 in Fresno, Ca. I am fascinated by the stories he tells and very proud of him. If you knew him send me an e-mail

  30. Pat Pepi Says:

    My father, William J. Strong, was in the 81st Infantry, Company A 540th Amphibian Tractor division.  He never talked much about the war, it was just too painful for him.  What little I have learned has been through the military records we found after his death.  He and his company received the Bronze Star “for participation in the Southern Philippines Campaign at sometime during the period of 17 October 1944 and 1 July 1945″.  I would like to hear from anyone who might know of this Company and the men who served so bravely.

  31. BRUCE FUHR Says:

    81st Div. 321st RCT was attached to  the 1st Marine Division…..   23 Sept.1944 = began Offensive action.   
    26 Oct. =  323rd went in to relieve  the 321st & 322nd
    December 1944= left the Caroline Islands.  
    17 January 1945 elements of the 81st engaged in final combat on Peleliu. A force of Japanese landed on the East &  West shores. 
    I believe it was Admiral Nimitz that insisted on the Carolines.
    They were in his section of  the Pacific. Gen. MacArthur was all  ready to take Leyte. 
    Caroline Islands: the 81st Killed 5676 Japanese + 344 Prisoners.
    Remember the TV series, ”Victory at Sea”?                                              .                                                                             
    The words of for “PELELIU” music: “On no island , on no battlefield anywhere is the struggle more fierce than on Peleliu”   
    My Respect & THANX  to the Wildcats & all the GIs.                                                                                              
     Bruce Fuhr   323rd RCT CO E         

  32. Barbara (Brown) Perry Says:

    My pop, my hero, served on Peleliu “Bloody Nose Ridge”, purple heart ……went back many times……there were reunions back east until the last year or so.  My mom still in contact with a few …….if you’d like more info, email me at

  33. Terry Says:

    Is there anyone out there who was in or knows anyone from Company B 322nd Infantry Regiment 81st Division World War II??

    I would love to talk to you about my Dad who was in there as well. He has passed away and I would love to find out more of his stories he never told. He was an amazing man, and incredible Dad and I am honored to be his child. I salute all of you who have served.
    Thank you.

  34. jim green Says:

    i am the son of James T. Green, who is a member of the 81st wildcat division. we are in columbia sc this week  (oct 9-12, 2008) attending the reunion of several of his buddies.  i am sure he and others would be willing to provide information if they have it concerning questions posed on this blog.
    the hotel name is Marriott in Columbia. phone 803 771 7000.  i am sure the operator can put you in touch with the organizer of he event.
    if you want to contact me 919 609 8141 i will be glad to see if someone will call you back with information.
    i am looking for a copy of the book entitled “the 81st infantry wildcat division in wwII.  my dad would really like a copy to read and share.
    jim green

  35. jim green Says:

    my email address is

    i forgot to include it in the message above

  36. michael bowler Says:

    My grandfather Dean Bowler was in the 81st infantry during world war 2. But I was never able to meet him as he was killed by a drunk driver in 1961. If any knew him or has any information on him or the division I would

  37. Joe Serra Says:

    My Great Uncle Robert “Bud” Day was from Chicago and was with the 81st Inf Div, 321st RCT Company B and was the platoon leader.  My Uncle would never, ever speak about the war and would wave us off as children when ever we would ask about it so we don’t really know what happened.  Bud became a Chicago police officer after the war and then retired to Florida in the late 1970′s.  Bud passed away in 2003 after suffering from Alzheimer’s.  If anyone from the 321st Co. B is still with us and knew Bob Day I would love to hear from you. 
    Joe Serra

  38. Edward Kelly Says:

    1st lt Edward J. Kelly was my father.  He was from Chicago. He was drafted in April 1941 and first served in 132nd Ill. National Guard. After OCS he joined .K company 3rd. battalion,323 RCT.  He was discharged May 1946.  Did any one know him?

  39. Kevin Bentley Says:

    I am the grandson of pfc. Prospper H.Gutierrez he was a “WILD CAT”  He mentioned with humor that it took an act of congress to have the army toughen up the “WILD CAT” unit insignia,explaining that the men wanted it to appear tougher.(im guessing for moral purposes) And a piece of red thread was added by order of congress. Other than that he never mentioned his combat memories,or spicific campiagn operations. I REALLY NEED TO KNOW.I have one of his medals that my mother gave me,the only thing that i know about it is that it was recieved in the asiatic pacific theater for MERITOROUS ACHIEVEMENT IN GROUND COMBAT AGAINST THE ARMED ENEMY.  i would like to know how to find out his spicific squad as well can anyone help? 

  40. Rick Halvorsen Says:

    My father, Glenn Halvorsen, was with I Company of the 322nd Infantry Regiment in the Philippines and the Japanese occupation.  He spoke a little of the occupation, but nothing of the war, and we would like to learn more of hit units history.  


    Rick Halvorsen

  41. Harry O. Alva Says:

    Hi all,
      I served in Viet Nam as a medic with 101st in the Army, my father , also Army, served with 323rd infantry, 81st wildcat division. He passed on,  back in 1974. He is sorely missed, but he used to sit with me, and relay all of the episodes he endured. But he had no pictures. Is there anyone out there that remembered him? And is there anyone that has pics they would share with me. I am trying to build a small memorial with his and my uniform in a shadowbox for my Grandsons, but I need some pics. If anyone can help me, I would surely appreciate it. Maybe even some info. if someone knew him. Thanks so much.              Harry O. Alva

  42. Bruno Nechamkin Says:

    My father George Nechamkin served with the 323 inf. listed as Cpl. He participated in the Southern Philippine campaign between Oct 17, 1944 to July 1, 1945 Participated in the Paula Island campaign Sept 15 , 1944 to Jan 20 1045. He received several citations and decorations. He re-enlisted and was listed as a Supply NCO 821 in Japan. He also served in Korea. Any information please contact me, 817 909-9620 or

  43. Dr J. Boyd Says:

    Dr. Boyd here — historian of the 81st Regional Support Command, we still wear the Wildcat patch and carry the Wildcat Flag — we are an Army Reserve HQs.  The 81st Association will be posting a website in the coming months — children of Wildcat Vets, as well as those who are family and friends will be invited to join and come to the next 81st Association Reunion Oct 8 – 11 2009 in Savannah GA.  NOTE: We had 17 WWII Wildcat Vets at our last reunion.  Questions? Call my office at 205.795.1534.

  44. Jerrad Berry Says:

    My grandpa is ROY PRATT and he was in the 81st wildcat division and he was telling me stories about it i got very interested in it and if anybody that reads this knows him please contact me he would love to here from anybody thanks Jerrad Berry (318)578-2031 or email me at
    p.s. he was  a sniper and radio operator

  45. Vivian Poe Says:

    my grandfather was Vernon O Poe. he (eventually)was a Sgt in the wildcat division. He never discussed the war.  I was sent several photos after he passed Dec 2008.I can’t identify any one but I can copy and share them. I have just the patch he wore. several photos of troops in the tropics. I have a large photo of the group (after training?)but unknown on the date it was taken & my grandfather is in the bottom row. 7th in from the left, just behind him is a man with his fists up like a boxer  perhaps Janice Coombs (July 13 08 posting)has this same photo? 

  46. Rhonda Gower Says:

    My grandfather was Woodrow Gower and he was in the 81st, I would love to see that picture and also to see if anyone remembered him

  47. Ronnie Gower Says:

    I would also like more info.. my grandfather “skidrow” Woodrow Gower was in the 81st Wildcat Division 906th field artillery battalion charlie battery, a couple years ago I found a site that told the date they were activated and where they went, and a woman had added a diary that her dad had that had the names and addresses of everyone in that batallion but I cant find the site anymore. If anyone has info please let me know.

  48. Rhonda Gower Says:

    Vivian Poe, I would love to see copies of those pictures! I would love to see if my grandfather is in the pictures, we just don’t really have anything of his, cause years and years ago their house burnt down. IF you could please send me a copy of the group photo to my email address i would be so grateful.   Again if any one recognizes his name Woodrow Gower  they called him Skidrow he was in the 81st Wildcat Division, we would be so grateful. Thanks

  49. Stacy Levin Says:

    My Great-Grandfather was in the 81st division 321st Infantry.  He was a communications chief from 1942-1946.  He is currently 96 years old and still has some amazing memories.  I am currently getting ready to do his oral history about the time he spent with the wildcats.  I am a Public History major so history is my life and I am grateful for all those who are willing to share.  The more I listen to him tell his story, the more astonished I become with the valor of these men.  My grandfather received four separate Letters of Commendation for his assumption of duties after the communications officer was evacuated due to wounds during combat on Anguar and Peleliu Islands.  Everyone called him pappy because he was 30 when he was drafted so he was at least 10 years older than most.  If any one has any additional information on Roger “Pappy” Farrer, I would love to be able to talk with you.  Thanks!

  50. Carey Brown Says:

    My grandfather, Woodroe Rolen, from Winnsboro, Louisiana served with the 323 RCT, 81st Infantry in Palau and beyond. He was a cook. He passed away in 1986. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers him., Thanks

  51. walter Oster Says:

    I have found a 81st Wildcat Warren Pendleton here in Louisville, Kentucky that was severely shot and wounded on the invasion in Palau by a Japanese sniper. He was a very decorated Wildcat and is still living today in Louisville, Ky. We are planning a ceremony to recognize his as well as some other WW ll Veterans in our City.
    I read his discharge papers and he was the real deal.

    I’m with the MIAP.US ( Missing In America Program ) His daughter contacted me being so proud of her father.
    Anyone with information call 502-548-2020 Walt Oster

  52. Steve Hamilton Says:

    My father-in-law, Russell G. Peterson was in the 710 Tank Battalion of the 81st ID.  Russ passed away on February 16, 2009.  He only very rarely spoke of Anguar or his experiences at New Caledonia and Leyte.  If any of those still living knew Russ, they can contact me at  I would appreciate any memories to fill out little he shared with his family.  Thanks

  53. Lee Kamery Says:

    My uncle, Lt. Leon(Lee) Szetela was KIA on 22 Nov. 1944 on Peleliu. My family would be very appreciative of any information you have about Lee. Thanks.

  54. Mark Rouska Says:

    My great uncle is 97 he was in the wildcat division but he cant remember if he was in the 322 or 324th.  He was at Anguar, Leyte, New Caladonia ect.  He remembers many of the battles he was in and a lot of the people he served with.  We are trying to find some of the men he served with he was an officer and served after the war until he retired from the reserves in 65.  Any information would be helpful.

  55. Dr J. Boyd -- 81st Historian Says:

    To all 81st Infantry Division Veterans, offspring and friends. The 81st “Wildcat” Association will hold its annual reunion this year 8-11 october 2009 in Savannah. Please come join us. We still have about 17 veterans that attend and the children of the 81st vets, along with current veterans and friends now attend. come be a part of the Wildcats and learn more about our history!!!

    Please email me for more info at:

  56. m rubman Says:


  57. m rubman Says:


  58. Geno Talas Says:

    Good Afternoon Veterans,
    I’m conducting historical research on eight Hopi Code Talkers who were with the 323rd Infantry Regiment, 81st Infantry Division during WW II, 

  59. Bill Kennedy Says:

    My Dad was William (Bill) Kennedy, He was in the 81st. and Div 323, He was a truck driver in the Black Wildcat’s He was killed at 38 in an auto accident. He was from Uniontown, Pa. He inlisted and was gone until the end of the war. He had a lot of drinking buddies and probably made the moonshine..It was a family tradition!

  60. Chris Seep Says:

    Does anyone remember my Dad, Chris Seep, nickname “Red” who was in the Phillipines with the 81st? He was from St. Louis, MO. Any information would be appreciated. I believe for a time he drove a tank then was transferred to infantry.


  61. Doug Lewis Says:

    my good freind

  62. Ida Hepler Says:

    My father, Earl Hepler, from Missouri, served with Co. I, 321st Infantry, APO 81.  These are his notes: 
    Left U.S. June 30, ’44, arrived Hawaii July 7, ’44, Left Pearl Harbor Aug. 10, ’44, arrived Quadalcanal Sept. 10, ’44. Landed Anquar Is. Sept. 17, ’44, Left Anguar Is. Sept. 22, ’44, Landed on Peleliu Is. Sept. 23, ’44, Peleliu secured Nov. 26, ’44. Left Peleliu Dec. 28, ’44, Landed on Fais Is. Jan 1, ’45, Left Fais Jan. 3, ’45, arrived Peleliu Jan. 6, ’45. Left Peleliu Feb. 9, ’45, arrived New Caledonia Is. Feb. 23, ’45. Left New Caledonia May 1, ’45, arrived Leyte, Philippine Is. May 15, ’45. War ended Sept. 2, ’45. Left Philippines Sept. `7, ’45, Landed on Northern Honshu, Island of Japan, Sea port town of Aomori Sept. 26, ’45 as occupation troops. I left Co. I (or J) Oct. 26, ’45. Stayed at Regt. Hqts. ’til Oct. 29, ’45. Joined Americal Div. for shipment home. Sailed from Yokohama harbor for Seattle about 6 pm Nov. 16, 1945. That night, whoops were heard from one and all. Whistling too. Arrived in States Nov. 23, ’45. Discharged Dec. 7, ’45.
    Roy Kelly – Ark.; Robert Davies – Scranton, PA; Charles Nichols – Chicago ; Marshall Gleason – Ark.;
    Charles Hathaway – I Bur. Vermont; Joseph ? – Lin. Nebr.; Elmer Kain – Oak. Calif.; Louis Deviatka 2316 S. Sacramento St., Chicago, Ill.; George Klocke Brussels, Ill.; Tony Bongio Diono #17 Iris Apts. Murray 7, Utah;
    Lois C. Hill Rte. #2 Big Sandy, Texas; James Eugene Taylor Three Rivers, Texas; Carl G. Daily Nora Springs, Iowa; Winfield Lon Ludwig West Field P.O. West Lawn, Penn.; Joseph B. Morrow Pollock, La.; Eugene Dodson 2801 Madera St. East Oakland, Calif.; John V. Johnson Boston Post Road New London, Conn.; Palmer L. White Jr. 916 E. N. Bay St. Tampa, 5, Fla.; Sal Horn 823 N. Cower St. Hollywood, Calif.;
    Charles Mineo 180 Lynch St Brklyn, NY; Charles Hoagstad Rte. 1 Springboro, Penn.; Daniel E. Flynn Albany, NY Queens County; Daniel F. Mahoney 8538 – 67th Rd. Forest Hills, Long Island, New York;
    Albert Toshjuan P.O. 191 Exeter, Calif.; Mary J. 2317 Kansas Ave. Flint, Mich.
    He lived and worked in Chicago for years and died in 1982. 

  63. Michael Collins Says:

    My father Woodrow Collins, was a Browning Automatic Rifleman (BAR) in the 322nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) in the 81st Infantry Division.  He was wounded on Thursday 21 September 1944 on Angaur by Japanese grenade fragments to his left knee/leg.  Later during his service, my father was promoted to Technician 5th Grade.

    Also, my father was awarded the Bronze Star, for his actions in maintaining the calm and effectiveness of his fellow soldiers during a night of attempted Japanese inflitration of their position.

    Would like to hear from anyone (and their decendants) that served with my father.

  64. Wayne Hollowell Says:

    My father Weldon Hollowell from Edenton, NC was with the 81st Wildcat Infantry Division.  I never managed to get many stories from him on the battles; he didn’t like talking about what he had to endure, but he hinted he played a part in triangulating the heavy artillery as well as daily front line combat.  He would comment briefly upon the heat & insect infestation … the smell … loosing friends next to him daily … 
    Received the Purple Heart and Marksman commendations …

  65. Gabe McCampbell Says:

    Hello, my grandfather, Johnnie McCampbell from Spring City, TN served in the 81st.  He was a private 321st RCT Company H.  He was part of a heavy mortar crew in the Pacific.  My dad says that my grandfather’s brother-in-law was also in the 81st and was killed in action.

    He went AWOL when the 81st did training in Lebanon, TN to go home to see my grandmother.  In the book “Breathes There a Soldier” the author speaks of some guys going AWOL and I would like to think that that was him mentioned in the book.

    Sadly he passed away in 1980 when I was just a young child.  I have a wildcat year book, pictures and some other mementos from the 81st.  I am pretty sure he is pictured on page 194 of the book “D-Days in the Pacific”.

    I would love to hear from anyone who may have known him, and if anything I have could help others with research I will gladly help.

    Gabe McCampbell

  66. Ray Sanders Says:

    T/CPL. Arthur Payer,My uncle was in the Wildcat Division,his records were among those destroyed by fire at the St.Louis record center,I would like to hear from any who may of served with him.He did not say too much about the war,except that one night his squad or platoon was wiped out except for him and a his CPL.He said they used up all their ammo except for one round to kill their selves if the enemy overun their position.

  67. Chris Seep Says:

    Doug Lewis,
    Were you referring to my dad, Chris “Red” Seep as your good friend?
    Chris Jr.

  68. Danny Sorenson Says:

    My father Dennis Sorenson was with the 81st Wildcat division. I think he was with the 322nd. He passed away in 1976.  I have his Wildcat book about the divisions history. I can remember when i was young a friend named Richardson who he was with in the war came to see him in Minnesota.  My dad was a jockey before he went in the military. If there is any one out their who knew him I would like to here from you. Contact me at

  69. sheila davis Says:

    my father in law has passed away but he was in the battle of the bulge we do know the unit and we have his dob but the experience he never talked about to his son’s and now all of our son’s have been in the war and still are and we wondered how we could find something out on his record or even his unit

  70. Robin Williams Says:

    My dad, who is still living served in Peleliu during world war II. His name is Claude P. Williams from Tennessee. I am trying to locate some information on when he served if any is available. Thank you or anyone who might be able to help me with this information and thanks to all who served to help make and keep the freedoms we have and what GOD wanted us to have.

  71. Chris Seep Says:

    Can anyone tell me about the battle of Valencia in the Phillipines?My dad used to say that he fought in that battle, but I have had a hard time finding out anything about it.

  72. bobby bear Says:

    Private, U.S. Army Weedall Lewis Henry
    317th Field Artillery Regiment, 81st Division
    Entered the Service from: South Carolina

    Died: September 29, 1918

    Buried at: Plot H Row 41 Grave 29

    Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery

    Romagne, France

    Dear sir or Madam.

    I am currently researching the family history of Lewis Henry Weedall who left England on or around 1915 and eventually joined the 317th Field Artillery Regiment, 81st Division and went to France with his Battalion but unfortunately was killed in action on September the 29th 1918 and is buried at: Plot H Row 41 Grave 29 in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery.

    Living in England information about (Weedall Lewis Henry) isnt readily available so I am hoping that in some way you can help me, or direct me which way I should go

    Is it possible at all to find a photograph of this very brave soldier off his passport or identity papers or indeed anything to e mail me as no such likeness exists within the family at all.

    Any documentation of either a social nature or military information of his war record or service would complete our very long search todate.

    We would like in our hearts to try and to bring our lost but never forgotten relative back to life as no one in our extended family from all over the United Kingdom has ever seen a photograph of him at all or knows of his background.

    We as a family plan to go to France next year to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery with a poppy wreath from the British Legion and Poppies of course to remember him by.

    He may be buried in a foreign field though the course of his duties but he has never been forgotten if you can help in any way we as a family would be eternally grateful and finally as a family we can at least close the sad loss in our family circle.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    R E Weedall (relative)

  73. aje Says:

    Oliver Jumping Eagle was my uncle. He was the brother of my father Robert
    Oliver had three daughters and one son and he lived in Manderson South Dakota it’s about 9 miles north of Wounded Knee.

  74. Milt Sewell Says:

    This past week end I went to me nephews graduation from Fort Benning and went to the museum after the cerimony. I found my uncles division the Wild Cats his name was Sgt John Willis Moore if any one has any info or pics I would dearly love to see them.

  75. Craig Hyde Says:

    My Dad served in the 323 and after the war entered the Navy until retirement. He passed away in 1998 and I have many photos,rosters of the men and many other things. I have not been able to make a Wildcat reunion but I am looking forward to it.

  76. Craig Hyde Says:

    Dads name was Jamess Hyde. My email is or

  77. Kay Cory Says:

    Thie is what I know about my uncle. He died 28 September 1944. I was born in 1956. I have only seen a couple photos of him. He was from Portland Oregon. Does anyone remember him. My mom said that he may have been a medic.

    George L. Brattin Private, U.S. Army Service # 6579528 322nd Infantry Regiment, 81st Infantry Division Entered the Service from: Oregon Died: 28-Sep-44 Buried at: Plot N Row 1 Grave 11 Manila American Cemetery Manila, Philippines Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart

    I have a letter that he wrote my mother (his sister Mary Brattin) 28 July 1942 from Camp Rucker. He mentioned in a letter that he had married, but did not say her name.

  78. David Pilliod Says:

    My father, Col. Dallas A. Pilliod (ret.) was with the 81st ID as a Battalion Commander at Pelelui. He received the Silver Star as well as other decorations. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. He started with the 81st as a Capt. and he is still alive and well at 88 years old.

  79. Lynette Jachowicz Says:

    My grandfather, GERALD MARNELL, was killed in 1941–my mother (his daughter) was only 2 years old at the time. She and I know very little about him and are looking for any information you might have. He was a Captain and awarded the Purple Heart. We would be so very appreciative if you could share any memory of this man.

  80. Lynette Jachowicz Says:

    I should mention that my grandfather’s name is sometimes listed as Gerard (although his name was actually Gerald), and he was in the 322nd. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  81. jim green Says:

    My dad, James t. green served in the 81st wildcat div. he was wounded in battle at Peleliu. he is in really excellent health today and we are thankful. we just returned from the 81st reunion in Savannah a couple weeks ago where he and 8 other WWII soldiers enjoyed some time together.

    i am trying to help him find a copy of the Book Title: The 81st Wildcat Division in World War II

    By: The 81st Wildcat Division Historical Committee

    Published by: Infantry Journal Press
    1115 17th Street NW
    Washington 6, DC

    if anyone can give us some leads please reply. My sibilings and I would like to surprise him with a christmas gift.

    jim green

  82. jim pierce Says:

    I was looking for information on my uncle Bill Pierce. I have a picture of him at Camp Rucker 9-22-1942 in a band he was a trumpet player. Other names in the picture are Corp. Paul Miller, Stanley Marks,Sgt. Bill Hillman,Sgt.Wm H Tuppa, Berni Ragazzo, Maurice Russell, Leo Crife, Sgt. E Harsry one more name I cannot read. If anyone new him or has any information please let me know he could also have been known as William Pierce I do know that he was in the 81st. If anyone is interested in the picture of the 81st band let me know and I will try to get you a copy.
    Thanks Jim Pierce

  83. Carlos Madero Says:

    My Father grew up in San Antonio, Texas and also served in the U.S. Army, 81st Wildcat Division during WWII. He was in the Infantry, Master Sgt., was a machine-gunner 50 Cal., and drove a jeep. I have many of the Wildcat Newsletters if anyone is interested. One says “Japan Next” he used them to write letters home to my Mother. He would never spoke much about the war. He would have night mares of the fighting and would wake up with jungle rot on his feet. He was awarded two Silver Cross Medals and the Medal of Honor. After the war he was assigned to Ft. Sam Houston, in San Antonio, Texas and was a DI for Hand to Hand Combat Training. About 1973 he had to go to the VA Hospital and have a fragment of a Japanese hand-grenade removed from under his left arm, if was the size of quarter. He passed away on 09-09-1974, and was buried at Ft. Sam National Cemetery. The Army came and requested his uniforms for the museum at the Base. If anyone is interested you can write me at Thank you for all your service and dedication. I would be proud to hear from anyone whom may have known him, and if anything I have, could help others with research, I would be glade to help. God Bless you all.

  84. Glenn Calhoun Says:

    My heart is broken to see all of you in search of such brave men. My father carried a B.A.R. in the 81st. he only ever spoke of one man, ‘Parsky’. his stories of the war were few because of the hundreds he killed. for what ever reason you search may you find the answers. Good luck, Wildcats never quit.

  85. Maura Byrne Kett Says:

    It has been about 18 months since I last wrote asking if anyone had information on my Dad, Ed Byrne who served in the 710th Tank Battalion which was attached to the 81st Infantry. I would like to thank all of you who have contacted me with the stories of the Heros in your lives. I have learned so much information and have been able to put pieces together simply by knowing he was in the 710th TB.

    The only question I have yet to find an answer to is exactly what company he served with. I first thought it was company A, but I am not sure. If anyone out there has any information or photos of any of the companies, I would sure love to see them.

    I was sent a very poor quality 710th TB photo, but faces are too small to make out. I would be happy to share it (oneline) with anyone who wants to see it. There is also a free down load of a propaganda film called “Action at Anguar”. If anyone has not seen it, it has some great war footage. (It was made so the folks back home would buy war bonds).

    My e-mail address is

    Maura Byrne Kett

  86. Ken Stevens Says:

    My dad, Johnie Stevens, was in the 2nd Platoon, K. Co, 322 Infantry, 81st Division. He was wounded on Anguar in 1944 but is still in pretty good health. I have a picture of his platoon as well as handwritten names written on the back. I’d love to find any soldiers from his platoon.
    Ken Stevens

  87. Tom Keenan Says:

    Father was Joseph Keenan, a Staff Sargeant in Wildcat Division.

  88. Terri Harwell Says:

    My father’s interview was published for the Admiral Nimitz Historic Site – National Museum of the Pacific War. He was a member of the 81st Wildcat Division of World War II. If anyone would like a copy of the interview, please feel free to contact me at Please send photos and information about your relatives that served with the 81st Division of the Wildcats in WW II. Thank you.

  89. jaime l. castro Says:

    father name is vicente espiritu castro born in marilao bulacan usaffe veterans/ can i request a service records and militay records if have thank you.

  90. Henry G Singer, Sr. Says:

    My father, LT Harry G Singer was a Ranger in the 81st Wildcats, 321st RCT, Company K. He fought and was wounded in Peleliu.

    He can be seen in profile going into battle at Anguar at 7:32 in the video
    “WWII Victory at Sea Ep 18 Part 1 of 3 TWO IF BY SEA” on YouTube

    We attended last year’s 81st Wildcat reunion together and enjoyed ourselves.

    Harry is still going and living with my sister in Maryland.

  91. Chris Seep, Jr. Says:

    Doug Lewis,

    Please email me at Thank you.

    Chris Seep, Jr.

  92. Aj Sando Says:

    After WAITING for over 60 years, my Grandfather, Barnabas Romero, 81st Infantry Wildcat, of Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico has finally been recognized for his sacrifice, and service of WWII with with a long overdue medal ceremony.

  93. Sue (Letnicky) Rushing Says:

    My father, Joseph Letnicky was a Technical Sergeant in the 81st Div., RCT 323, Company E. He passed in 1979 and like many others, he rarely spoke about his experience. Some of the things he told me was that the troops blasted Peleliu so completely that not a green leaf was left. Another time, he and his army buddies fished off the side of the boat with coat hangers and pulled up strange looking tropical fish. He had quite a few photos of the blasted islands, camp life, weapons, etc. I have a group picture identified as 323 Company E as well as a published “Pictorial Supplement of the Wildcat 81st Infantry Division” and “Highlights in the History of the 81st Infantry Division–Published 15 Aug 1945″ Contact me at if anyone knew my dad or wants copies of the pics, etc.

    Congratulations to Mr. Romeo and his family for the long-overdue recognition!!!

  94. Bill Allee Says:

    My step father, Charles A. Norval served in Company B of the 323rd of the 81st Division as a forward observer. He seldom spoke of it, and gave none of the terrible details I have found in online research. He passed away in 1973. I’m proud to list his name here.

  95. Charles Laakso Says:

    My dad, Edwin Laakso served in the Headquarter Co. of the 321st RCT as a messenger. He didn’t talk much about Peleliu except to say he drove a jeep and took messages to the lines and back. He also said he had a BAR and a carbine in the jeep with him all the time. He was from the UP of Michigan and passed away in 1984. I have managed to find some of the Wildcat newspapers from 1945 which are very interesting. I also have a paper bound magazine of “The Wildcats” about 30 pages of black and white photos showing the division in training.

    My thanks to all who served and are serving.

  96. nathan webb Says:

    my grandfather was in the 81 first wildcats infatry and from what i have leard he is bay far greater than any man alive today

  97. Winifred W. Register Says:

    My precious father served in the 323rd of the 81st Wildcat division. The bombing of Pearl Harbor inspired him to leave his surgical residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He trained at Fort Rucker in Alabama.

    Sadly, he died in 1994, on the fiftieth anniversary of the battle, Sept. 15., but not before he dictated his memoirs. My niece, his granddaughter, has just published his words in a book available at His story is sad, funny, amazing. He was very humble and private, and he would be alarmed that his memoirs have been published, but it was his granddaughter’s posthumous gift to him

    Does anyone remember REAVES AUGUSTUS WILSON, MD, from Sarasota, Florida? Would love to hear from you.

  98. Richard Urbano Says:

    My wife’s uncle served in the 81st Div Wildcat Co F WW2. His name was Stephen Ptaszkiewicz of Wyandotte, Mich. He was KIA we think on Pelieu. Does anyone remeber him?

    Please email to:

  99. David Schwartz Says:

    My father Eugene Schwartz of Milwaukee ,WI, served with the 81st Infantry Division headquarters throughout the Pacific campaign and occupation. He never talks of the bad memories but always compliments the Americans of Japanese ancestry who served as interpreters in the front lines trying to get the enemy to give up or even give away their position. His favorite story was when Gen. Eichelberger visited and told Gen. Mueller to give the men the dry ground to pitch tents instead of that “damn wildcat.”

    One of his best friends was a chaplains assistant (can’t remember his name). My father still lives at 95. It would be great if anyone may possibly know that person’s name or have any pictures of the Headquarters group. Thanks, David Schwartz:

  100. Clifford T. Burgess Says:

    My maternal Grandfather, Raymond C. Trowbridge served in 2nd Platoon, Able Company, 322nd Infantry Regiment. Like many here he never spoke much of his experiences on Anguar and in the Philippines. He passed away many years ago without me ever having much contact with him due to his divorce from my Grandmother before I was born in 1964. When I retired from my own career in the US Army this past Fall I started to try to research as much as I could about his WWII, and later Korean War service. Thanks to this site and others I have learned far more I ever thought I would.

    One amazing thing that I found was an account from the commander of Able Company, CPT Jerry A. Keaveny during its assault on the northwestern high ground of Anguar Island 10-12 October 1944. This was a writing assignment that CPT Keaveny did as part the curriculum at the Infantry Officers Advanced Course well after WWII. It is availble online from the Ft Benning archives:

    I stumbled into this monograph doing Google searches for “Anguar Island 322nd Infantry” and just about did a back flip when I found that my Grandfather was mentioned in it by name as the 2nd Platoon leader of Able Company. Before I found this, the lowest echelon I could associate him with was the 322nd Infantry Regiment itself!

    Though CPT Keaveny’s account focuses on his own company, he gives very vivid accounts of what the other companies and battalions of the 322nd Infantry Regiment were doing during the assault on Romauldo Ridge. I hope 81st Division veterans and veteran descendants enjoy CPT Keaveny’s monograph as much as I did. As a former Army officer myself, I greatly appreciated his critical analysis of the 81st Division’s baptism of fire.

    I plan to work with my brother, a professional graphic artist, to build a website recounting the 81st Divison and the Battle of Anguar. If any would like to contact me reference this effort or about anything else involving the WWII history of the 81st Division, I can be contacted at:

    Clifford T. “Tom” Burgess
    Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)
    US Army

  101. George C Persico Says:

    My father CPL Alfred R (Freddy) Persico, 906th FA B Battery 81st Division, served at Peleliu along with many other places listed by the other posters. He was part of the Occupation Army in Japan. My mother still has the Japanese kimono he brought her. He passed away in June of 2000.

    He could name all the parts of a 105mm howitzer and give a commentary on how they all went together and the peculiarity of each part. I had done some research while he was alive and came up with the name Gen Rupertus to which he only replied “that bastard” He thought Gen Mueller was far superior.

    Would enjoy hearing from anyone who served with my father.

    George Persico
    Thiells NY

  102. Michael Stone Says:

    My dad, Charlie Stone, was an infantry private in the 323rd Regiment of the Wildcat Division in WWII.
    He carried a camera with him.
    I am piecing together his military history, and that of the 81st Division; in the noted website.
    It is largely a history of the Wildcat Division in WWII from Fort Rucker to Japan.
    I have included names, dates and places wherever such has been determined.
    Other interested parties have contributed photos and other information.
    Feel free to peruse the site and it’s links – maybe you will find mention of your own soldiers there.
    There are photos from Peleliu, Anguar, New Caledonia, Leyte, Hawaii, Japan and the U.S.

    e mail –

  103. Ron Lancaster Says:

    There were only six Marine Divisions during the war. The 1st, 5th, and 7th referred to above were regiments of the 1st Marine Division, “The Old Breed” There was not a 7th Marine Division.

  104. Ron Lancaster Says:

    I am also interested in know if Oran Aldriodge of the 81st ID who earned a Silver Star was really Oran Aldroidge or if this could be a mis-spelling of Aldridge?

  105. Craig Daley Says:

    My dad was in the 1st Marine Division in the first wave of the invasion. His name was William “Bill” Daley and was hit by mortar fire on the 3rd day there. Prior to leaving for Pelileu, he trained on Pavuvu and left on LST #224 to Guadacanal for a practice landing.

    The history I have is sketchy, but I know he made it to the base of Bloody Nose Ridge with his buddies, “Mattie” and “Mac”.

    Just wondering if anyone or his/her relatives knew him. He received the purple heart and lived until about 7 years ago.

  106. Ron Lancaster Says:

    Rupertus was the commanding General of the Marine units, and like General Holland “Howlin’ Mad” Smith, couldn’t understand why it took army units, which are larger than marine units, much longer to take an area assigned to them.

  107. Ron Lancaster Says:

    Did any men from the 81st earn The Medal of Honor? I have been unable to find this information.

  108. Jimmy Quillen Says:

    I am searching for information on my grandfather Raymond Clarkston. He passed when I was only 1 and so I never had the pleasure of meeting him. I am currently enlisted in the Air Force and would like to know more about my grandfather’s service. I am told that he was in the 81st Infantry Division and the 323 RTC possilby, I was also told anti-tank co. So if anyone has pictures or has seen or heard the name any information would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at or my number is 937.790.0591, I would love to have any information that would point me in the right direction… A picture would be amazing! I have never seen one of him in uniform.

  109. Maura Byrne Kett Says:

    Does anyone have a list of the men who served in 710th Tank Battalion Company B or Company C? (I have the list of Company A if anyone would like it). Thank you.

  110. Marlene Ray Says:

    I am searching for anyone that might have known Pvt. Nels H. Nelson, A Company, 710th Battalion, 81st. Inf. Div. It is possible he was my biological father and I never knew him. I think he was KIA May 6, 1945. I beleive he was on Peleliu. Thank you.

  111. Seth Erazmus Says:

    1st Platoon, A Company, 710th Tank Battalion attached to the 321RCT of the 81st Infantry Division. Action on Anguar and Peleliu in the Fall of 1944.

    I see that a several people are looking for information on the 710th Tank Battalion and I’ve even spoken to one or two of you before. I have access to two A Company vets, family members of vets, and lots of materials relating to A Company from training State-side to the Fall of 1946. Please let me know if I can help.

    Seth Erazmus

  112. Richard Davis Says:

    Glad I came across this site. my father was in the 81st, wounded 10/44 on Pelelieu. He led a troubled life and died at age 46. I believe the war changed him for the worse.

  113. Danny Aldridge Says:

    I would like to talk to Ron Lancaster in referance of a post of my Dad ORAN ALDRIDGE who was in the 81st. Please contace me at

  114. James Aldridge Says:

    Mr. Lancaster, you are correct in your assumption of the misspelling of my Grandfather’s name. PFC Oran Aldridge

    The Silver Star is proudly in our family’s possession.

  115. Pat Pepi Says:

    Several years ago I wrote requesting information about my father, William Strong from Chelsea, MA. I don’t know anything other than what I have on his discharge papers and a Meritorious Unit Commendation for Company A 540th Amphibian Tractor Battalion. He was an amphib tractor driver. Does anyone have any information about this Company A or the amphibian drivers at Peleliu.
    Thank you

  116. Brittany Price Says:

    Hi, my great grandpa served in WWII in the 81st Infantry Division APO. Co I 322d Inf. He was in the Phillippean Islands from May 16 to sept 17, a paper stated. He was awarded a purple heart by command from Major General Mueller for wounds received on Angaur Island on on Sept 18, and was awarded the purple heart on Sept 23, 1944. This was on a paper that list men who received a purple heart. This is where I also found which division he was in. My great grandpa at 95 just passed away a couple of weeks ago. He never talked about the war or army my family said, so i have never asked him. Today as my grandma (his daughter) were going through his house he were surprised to find his army bag, and his wild cat patch. She did not think he had kept anything since he never talked about it ever. We have not came across any pictures so I am trying to look up information about this and trying to find pictures. His name is Woodrow W. Upton from Michigan. He had a veteran journal that he never wrote in but i believe it said he trained at FT. Runckle.. i believe something similar to this.
    please contact me at

  117. John Romaine Says:

    Hello, I live in Columbia Maryland. My dad, Edward Romaine from New York, was in the 81 ID. He was severely wounded on Peleliu. He recuperated at New Caledonia until he and his unit were shipped to the Philippines to prepare for the invasion of Japan. He was in the Philippines when the war ended. Within two weeks, Dad was shipped to Northern Japan for occupation duties.

    Dad never talked about his war experiences until three years ago. Then, he told the stories of his army experiences and eventual the role in played in the battle for Pelelui. Dad passed away on January 13, 2010 at the age of 93. Similar to a lot of GIs, my dad was a real hero and I have the medals he earned.

    I would love to hear from anyone, who served with him or whose father served with him.

  118. Mike McLaughlin Says:

    My Father-in-law, Luster Risley, from Arkansas, served in the 321st during WWII. He carried a BAR and was also a Ranger. He won the Silver Star on Peleilu. The stories he tells are unbelieveable. He is 88 and doing well. Does anyone remember him? The men that fought in that war are real heroes.


  119. Chris Seep, Jr Says:

    Does anyone remember my father, Chris “Red” Seep? He served with the 81st in mechanized reconn. You may remember him as a baseball pitcher.

  120. Elizabeth Wilenius Says:

    My Uncle Robert Lyckholm was with Co C, 323rd Infantry of the 81st Infantry “Wildcats” in June of 1944 and then deployed overseas and on to Peleliu Island. I understand he was wounded there. Anyone have any information of him???

  121. Everett C Kelley Says:

    My Dad (Rodney E. Kelley) was with the 81st I believe 321RCT, didn’t speak much except that a Japenese soldier ran through camp and was just as surprised as the US soldiers. If further stated that he played Basketball for the regiment. Sadly he is gone now and if anyone has info or possibly when a reunion is planned I thank you in advance>

    Everett C Kelley

  122. Beverly (Olmstead) Brannan Says:

    My Dad, Ben Olmstead, was a Tech 5th Grade. with HQ Co, 81st Div in South Philippines, Bismarck-Archipelago. Only spoke of the war briefly one time. He said they couldn’t figure out how the Japanese were crossing from one island to another. Turns out they were walking over when the tide went out. Anyone out there remember serving with my Dad? He passed away of cancer in 2000.

  123. Sandra Cole-Tanner Says:

    I am searching for a Group Photo of the 81st Wildcat Division from 1943-1944. My Great Uncle John William Bortel fought in WWII and was killed from a land mine on the PALAU Islands in Dec 1944. If anyone has any photos of information, I would greatly appreciate it !!!
    - email :

  124. romeo a vela Says:


  125. Blane Sports Says:

    I have 2 pictures of the 323rd inf. div. The first picture is when my great grandfather, Daniel Henry McQuage Sr., is older and the board in the front middle shows this is a picture of the 323rd inf. div. The picture is in great condition and can be the faces can be made out across the board. The other picture i have is in not as good shape as the first pic. I think the first one is a picture od the whole 323 inf. div., because there are a lot of men in it. There is also no other distinguishing marks on board to say it was a specific company in the 323rd. The older picture is taken or printed in Montgomery alabama, and the Board in front of the men inthe picture illustrated a wildcat carved into the wood and the letters Co “B” 323rd INF., and is a smaller group of men. In the background there is a building that looks similar to the Womens college of alabama. Also in the background there are men in uniforms everywhere. None of their faces can be made out in the background but the mens faces in co.b. can be made out fine. Anyone with questions or info please email me @ I also do not mind sharing copies of these pics with anyone.


  126. Ray Byrom Says:

    My father John P Byrom ( Shorty) was a T/Sergeant with the 81st infantry 322nd Inf CRT Cannon Co. He received the Bronze medal for heroism. His platoon hit the beaches at Anguar (red Beach) and is depicted in Fury in the Pacific battle at Peliliu and Anguar documentary He went to a Reunion in Ohio with his military buddies back in early 2000 had a stroke while he was there and passed away in 2006. He would hardly ever mention the war exceipt for what great men he served with. I have had to do alot of digging just to get what information I have on his military service, he was a hero to me and he loved his country. God Bless all those who fought in that war along with all the other wars those were men of a different breed.

  127. kenneth l. peiffer jr. Says:

    Have you ever heard of Capt. Stanley Gorski,JR., who I believe was in or associated with the 81st Wildcat Division. I recently acquired a Japanese WWII artillary NCO”s sword that has the Captain’s name and 81st engraved on the blade. I have not been able to find himor anything about him even though there are a lot of Stanley Gorski’s out there. Any information you can provide would be deeply appreciated.

  128. ROMEO A VELA Says:


  129. Tom Wassell Says:

    My father Jack Wassell served in the 81st Wild Cat Inf and kept a day by day journal that I have been working on tryng to put it into electronic form. it starts April 30 1944 in Pearl Harbor through Jan 10 1946 in Japan with stops in Florida Island,Guadalcanal,the Solomons,Angaur and Japan.
    The journal is diffacult to read but I have overcome that and have about 90% transfered. My father passed in 96 and never really talked much about the war other than saying he was there. I am attempting to make a book for family members only. However if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me and I’ll share. He did list names of many of the men he served with.

  130. Gary Bennett Says:

    My dad served in Co H 321st Inf 81st Div. He kept a little diary listing dates of departures and arrivals and a list of names and addresses of 119 men who served with him He was wounded on Peleliu on Oct 25 1944 and evacuated back to the states. Any info would be appreciated. any info I have I will gladly share.

  131. Gary Bennett Says:

    I guess I forgot to say my dad’s name was Warren Bennett. He was from South Dakota.

  132. Christina Brown Says:

    My Grandpa served in WWII 81st Infantry Division Army. I am very proud of him and the division. He has a book outlining the Infantry. I have pictures of his division and medals and stories beyond belief. He is a member of the memorial tribute in D.C. He is very much alive and still as strong as a bull. :). All his brothers served in the war and only one was killed in action.
    If anyone has questions – please provided me with the veteran’s name and your question and I will talk with my Grandpa, Salvador Perce.

  133. Christina Brown Says:

    My Grandpa served in the Army 81st Division, his name is Salvador Perce. He has lots of information about the journey and even has a book about the infantry. Please let me know if you have questions. Please provide the veterans name and your question(s) and i will ask Grandpa if he has the information. Please email me at — thx

  134. Michael Piner Says:

    My Uncle PFC Ben G Murray served in the 81st Wildcat Div. He tassome about his service there, Pellieu, Angaur, the Phillipines, Japan. I think he was in an Engineer unit. He had a Good Buddy called “Arkie”. They Visited each other after the war. Anyone out there know them?

  135. phil hudson Says:

    hey i just found this site tonight, i am a small history buff and interview vets. i am interviewing one now. curtis w. wise.. Co I 321st inf 81st div. was at anguar peleiu and phillippines..he has a very good memory at 92. any one is welcome to contact me….

  136. larry glickman Says:

    my dad, mack {maxwell} glickman, served w/ the 81st. in palau. he never spoke about his service. he’s gone now; so the mystery remains.

    anyone out there remember him?
    any info would be greatly appreciated.

  137. Michael Coyle Says:

    I just purchased a signed 323rd Japanese battle flag marked Peleliu Island November 19, 1944. It has over 100 addresses and signatures. Companies, L, M, I, and K. You can view it online at and click on todays auction 9-18-10. My e-mail is I will try to get the names listed. Thanks.

  138. Michael Coyle Says:

    Some names on the flag minus the whole street address: Ralph Findell, Waco, TX, Michael Zullo Jr., Long Island, NY, Henry C. Clark, Redondo Beach, CA, Clyde M. Becker, Coloma, MI, Ralph “Flash” Gordon, Arlington, VA, Zar Maynor, Lumbarton, NC, Elmer Roschewski, East Detroit, MI, Walter Jankowski, Essexville, MI, Roby T. Johnson, Ripley, TN, Benjamin P. Bremer??, Taylorville, IL, Joe F. Bowdle, Malvern, AK, William S. Belinski, Portland, OR, Ray Rydzewski, Erie, PA, Benny Machowski, Cedar, MI, Juan Griego, Miami, NM, Clyde B. Ritchey, Altoona, PA, Harry M. Haffen, Roanoke, VA, Jose Rodriguez, Dilley, TX. Some of these are hard to read but I think they are 95% accurate. Many more to come.

  139. John Henn Says:

    My dad Leo Henn (Taylorville, IL) was a SSGT squad leader in Co. G, 321 RCT, 81st ID on Angaur and Peleliu. He passed away in 2002. He told me one time that he as a couple of other guys were in a foxhole when at night a Jap came up on them, scared him and them. They scrambled to throw their grenades at him. Might be the same incident with Rodney Kelley (7/9/20 comment). He went on to the Philipines and Japan with the division.

  140. Tim Cox Says:

    My Dad passed away in 1977 and I’m trying to piece together any info about his time with the 81st in the pacific.When we would watch McCales Navy hhe would comment on places but thats all i know,He passed away before i got interested.I have his papers annd have contacted the archives in i believe Kansas with no luck,There was a fire and the records were distroyed. I have photos of him with a pair of twins maybe officers in the islands with 81st.Those twins maybe easier to find since they aparently served together with 81St. Any info or direction you can send me would be greatly appriciated.

  141. Marguerite may town Says:

    My father was George W May, jr. Capt of Co E 323, 81st. and fought on Augaur, Peleliu, and maybe Leyte. He never talked about the war. He was, in his words, the oldest man called to duty. Daddy was born in 1909. If anyone is alive who served with him I would like to hear from them. Thank you

  142. Ann May Torregrossa Says:

    My father was Capt. George W. May, Jr., commander of Co. E ,322nd Inf. 81st Division during WWII. My mother, two sisters and I traveled with the 81st until they shipped out to the Pacific. I have a number of pictures, papers, newspapers, etc. Included is a picture of the entire Company. We were grammar school age and went to school in Enterprise, Phoenix, Cambria and Grass Valley. My email is

  143. brian dewell Says:

    im looking for any pics of 81st wildcat div 323rd rct e copany my uncles name was lloyed w dewell he was 1st lt unit commander

  144. Ann May Torregrossa Says:

    My mistake — my father was commander of E company 323rd Inf. I have a group picture which I can shrink and email to you.
    Ann Torregrossa

  145. Geri Lapoint Says:

    I’m looking for any pictures or information on my father, Lucien Fontenot,
    who was with Co. K, 322nd Infantry, 81st Wildcat Division. He carried a BAR. He never spoke about his time in the service until he got up in age. He talked about being in fox holes with his fallen friends. All of my father’s military items burned in a house fire. Any help would be appreciated. My email is

  146. Susan Sheldon Says:

    My father died on Dec.25, 2010. I now find I want to just hear something from someone knowing my dad. His name was Cecil Fischenich, from Ellsworth, MN. Nicknamed “Toot” on letters he wrote back then.
    He served in the Western Pacific in World War II as an Intelligence and Reconnesence platoon sergeant of the 81st Infantry Division of the Wildcat Rangers.
    I have seen photo’s that showed my dad had some very good friends in this time. One name I remember seeing is “Tip” from Tennessee.
    He had a monkey at some point. A picture of men with fish they obtained by using some explosives. He only spoke about those things. As children we were told to never talk to dad about the war because it was too hard and we didn’t.

  147. Shirley Harris Says:

    Obituary for William B. Baise
    Bill Baise of New Berlin, Illinois, a founder and supporter of the WW II Illinois Veterans Memorial at Springfield, IL. died on Wednesday, January 5, 2011. He was 88 years old. Bill served with the 81st Wildcat Division in the PTO during WW II. He earned a Purple Heart at the battle of Peleliu.
    Bill was born 23 Dec 1923 in Cumberland Co. KY, the son of Melvin and Mattie Davison Baise. He married Hildred Helm on 21 Dec 1946 and she preceded him in death on 7 Oct 2008.
    Bill farmed most of his life. He was a father and grandfather and a community leader. His WW II story can be found at he website. His obituary can be found online at or in the State Journal-Register for Jan 6, 2011, Springfield, IL
    Shirley Harris
    Story Editor WW II IL Veterans Memorisl
    Springfield, IL

  148. Michael H Brannon Says:

    My Father Russell J Brannon was in the 74 a company 710th tank battalion 81st inf division.

    My father has passed on, but I am hoping his service to our country is still remembered.

    I am so happy to find your website.

    God Bless our Vets!!!

  149. Mark Parry Says:

    My dad , Addison (Ad) Parry was in the 81rst Infantry Wildcats. He was in the 316th Field Artillery Battalion ,Company A. He was a gunner on a 105 mm Howitzer crew. He passed away in August of 1995. He talked very little of the war, received ribbons and 2 bronze stars but never told us about them and we never saw them. Anyone remember him? His nickname was Boober.

  150. Michael H Brannon Says:

    My father (Russell Brannon) served in the 710th tank battalion. 74A company.

    Anyone remembering him or anyone in his unit please contact me. Any memories, photos or gossip will be greatly appreciated.

    Michael H Brannon

  151. Bob Hoggard Says:

    My Father was Jim Hoggard. He was in the 81st, 323rd. Reg., K Company. He was a staff sargent at wars end. Was with Capt. Mortimer just prior to Capt. Mortimer being killed by a sniper. My Father passed away July 3rd 2010. He spoke about Capt. Mortimer until his final years.

  152. Bob Hoggard Says:

    I wrote comments about a month ago about my Father in the 81st 323rd regiment. he was with his Co Capt. Joe Mortimer just prior to the Captain being killed by a japanese sniper. It did not appear in your comment section , maybe i did something wrong ?

  153. Seth Erazmus Says:

    Russel J. Brannon of New Hampton, Iowa served with A Company of the 710th Tank Battaion, likely in either the 2nd or 3rd Platoon. He would have landed on Blue Beach on Angaur the morning of September 17th. By September 23rd, A Company along with the 321 RCT of the 81st ID was on Peleliu in assistance of the Marines who had landed there on the 15th of September. I have a access to many docs, pictures, family members of vets, and a few vets. Let me know if you’d like to know more.

  154. Chris Seep, Jr Says:

    Seth Erazmus,

    My dad, Christopher “Red”Seep served with the 81st. I believe he first was a tank driver then transferred to mechanized reconn. Do any of your documents perhaps mention him?


    Chris Seep, Jr

  155. David Tipton Says:

    Susan Sheldon, I am “Tip” Tiptons’ son. Dad passed away in 1987, but he spoke of your father often, he always called him “Fish”. My dad loved your dad, they were true army buddies. I have some pictures of your dad, one with his monkey, and some others. You can e-mail me at

  156. Rick Kline Says:

    Mr. Erazmus,

    I am looking for information on my Grandfather’s brother.
    Paul or Maxwell Kline from Glenmont, Ohio.
    I will confirm with my Father.
    This was one of the toughest objectives we ever overcame during the war.
    These great men can never be thanked enough for the sacrifices they made for us. I wish somehow, someday we could justify our worthiness for their efforts.

    I would like to know more, the all of it, actually.

    Thank you,

    Rick Kline

  157. Kandence Cloud Says:

    My father served with the Wildcats, 323 Inf., 81st Div, and served in the Pacific theatre, Peleliu, and then went on to Japan with this group. I know he was originally a machine gunner. He never talked about the war much, but I do remember a few comments he made throughout his life. Unfortunately, he died young of heart disease in 1978.
    I know he had a few nicknames, and may have been known by the name of “Early”, “Early Bird”, or “Doc”. I also have a couple of typed letters that are very interesting about these men’s experiences while serving, by his friend, Herbert W. Browne.
    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have known of my father or his friend.
    You may contact me by

  158. Lloyd C.Farley Says:

    I am trying to fid some information about my Dad Marlin Farley he was from Tellico Plains Tn. During WWII he was in the 81st. Wildcat Division. I believe that his job was sitting the fuzzes or timers on the ammo. he was assigned to the 105 mm Howitzer’s. He was in the battles in the southern Philippines and thw Western Pacific. he was at the battles of the island of Peleliu, New Caledonia, Lete and was also in Tokyo Japan. He ws awarded two bronze stars American Theater, Asiatic-Pacific and one bronze star during the liberation of the Philippines. I am trying to fnd out what he did to earn these awards. He passed away july 3, 2009. He never talked about the war butto say how ditter the japs faught and some of the things that he saw. If anyone knew my Dad I would very much appreciate a email, letter or hone call add. 1036 Red Bay Lane. Chesapeake, VA. ph# 1-757-482-9348.

  159. Lloyd C.Farley Says:

    Additional information his records were distroyed in Saint Lewis in a fire or flood. that is all the information that they could provide me with. Thanks

  160. Chris Seep, Jr Says:

    Seth Erazmus,

    My father, Chris “Red” Seep, was a tank driver for a while with the 81st. Do any of your documents mention him?


    Chris Seep, Jr

  161. Michael O. Hedges Says:

    Please check on status of Brick for my Father, Robert O. Hedges, USN, WWII. We purchased brick about a year ago and his name does not show up when one does a brick search. Thank you, Michael O. Hedges

  162. Mark Williamson Says:

    Grandfather was Glenn Williamson. He was with the 81st in the 323rd, 2nd battalion. he wrote an autobiography that mentions several names during his time at Peleliu, Negula, Angaur etc. Interested in photos of this battalion.

  163. Seth E. Says:

    Chris, thanks for your questions. I have the A Company (one of four Company’s) in the 710th Tank Battalion. Your father’s name does not apear on the A Company Roster.
    The 81st Infantry Division was seperate from the 710th, but the 710th was attached to them for the battle. The 81st may have had there own armored vehicles though, but that I am not certain of that.

    I’d recommend searching the web for a copy of the “710th Operation Report” and the “81st Infantry Division Operation Report” for Peleliu/Operation Stalemate II. Both can be found on line in .pdf format. These are a must have, detailed timeline of each element on a day by day basis.

    There are also several books on Amazon that everybody who is interested in either the 81st or the 710th should own. One is called “Tanker: Boys, Men, Cowards”. It’s a first hand account of a tanker from C Company, 1st Platoon. The other book is “Victory at Peleliu: The 81st…” Both are a good resouce if your looking for another point of view of the battle for Peleliu.

  164. Seth E. Says:

    Rick Kline,
    Rick I looked through my A Company Roster (~250 men in each company) of the 710 Tank Battalion and I did not see any list of a Paul or Maxwell Kline. Perhaps if you had a bit more information on him, I could get you started? Company, Platoon, names of friends, etc. My research has centered around mostly the A Co of the 710th. See the post above to help you get started. Personally, I have done no research on the 81st ID, and what I do know about them comes second hand, from books, operation reports, etc. If he was in the 710th TD, but not in A, I could likely get you started in the right direction and point you to a few people who can help you out.

    Seth Erazmus

  165. Bobby Blair Says:

    I have co-authored a book “Victory at Peleliu: The 81st Infantry Division’s Pacific Campaign.” It gives the 323rd RCT activities on Ulithi, Ngulu, and on Peleliu, along with the history of the other units of the 81st. Publisher is University of Oklahoma Press.

  166. Bobby Blair Says:

    I have co-authored the book “Victory at Peleliu: The 81st Infantry Division’s Pacific Campaign” that gives the history of the 81st Infantry division in WWII. It is available from the University of Oklahoma Press, the publisher.

  167. james t. green, jr Says:

    81st Wildcats reunion was held sept 16-18 at Stone Mt. Park in GA.
    for those looking for a new, refreshing book of some untold stories about Peleliu and Angaur consider buying the new book mentioned below. there were 9 WWII Wildcats there last week to autograph several copies.

    Victory at Peleliu: The 81st Infantry Division’s Pacific Campaign (Campaigns and Commanders Series) [Hardcover] Bobby C. Blair (Author) and John Peter DeCioccio (Author)

    The book can be found at

    jim green…son of James t. Green of st. joseph Tn. 323rd, Company C. he would love to hear from anyone who wants to talk about the Wildcats. 931 845 4468.
    my email address is:

  168. Darrel VanDyke Says:

    Greetings one and all. As the son of an 81st (306th) veteran, I recently attended an 81st gathering in Stone Mountain, GA, on September 16-18, 2011. Seven WWII veterans were in attendance, and all were remarkable in many ways. If only one veteran had shown, the gathering still would have been a success. There were spouses, children, and grandchildren of veterans in attendance.

    There is planned another reunion in Biloxi, MS, in September 2012. Please pass the word to any 81st veteran, child, spouse, grandchild, and great-grandchild to attend. Details are yet to be honed for the gathering, but I need your name and email. Please reply directly to with contact info. If you know of any others out there who don’t have access to the Internet, please let me know and we’ll use regular mail and telephones to contact them. 2012 will mark the 70th anniversary of the 81st’s activation in WWII. Let’s make the reunion in 2012 the biggest and best ever. More later.

  169. Susan Neri Says:

    My dad, Peter Piretti, fought with the “WILDCATS” at Peleliu and Japan 1942-1945. He was such a proud veteran. He did attend one or two of the Wildcat Reunions years ago. He died Sept. 8, 2010 with military presence. He smiled down from heaven, I’m sure.

    (I remember a couple of the guys, Jack Land, Noel Perry)



  171. Dr. Patricia Lynn McNeese Says:

    My dad was Colonel Bennett T. Waites joined the United States Army during World War II. He was assigned to the 81st Wildcat Infantry Division that was headquartered at Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Bennett Taylor Waites was born in July 1st, 1924 in Montgomery, Alabama and entered service there as a young man with a law degree. He remembered especially the battle of Peleliu in the South Pacific. Following that bloody battle, survivors were left to ponder for the rest of their lives, the miracle of getting through that combat experience alive when so many of their buddies never made it home.
    Peleliu is just a dot in the Pacific Ocean and 1500 miles east of the Philippine Islands. General Douglas MacArthur ordered that Peleliu be taken to protect his flank as his forces prepared to take back the Philippines, where Bennett took a German Luger off a Japanese Solider. Admiral Halsey and Admiral Nimitz thought the action was no longer needed, but MacArthur prevailed and on September 15, 1944 at 0800 hours the American armada approached the shores of Peleliu.
    While northern Peleliu and the offshore islands were being secured, pressure had been maintained against the principal pocket of Japanese resistance on Umurbrogol Mountain, as that section of the central ridges lying south of 321st Infantry Trail was designated on the maps supplied to the Allied forces fighting in the Palaus. After the 321st Infantry had divided the island, the Umurbrogol Pocket was about 1,900 yards long north to south on its eastern side; approximately 1,200 yards long on the west; and, on the average, 550 yards wide east to west. No offensive operations were undertaken against the pocket from 22 September–the date of 7th Marines’ last strong efforts–until the 27th of the month, when elements of the 321st Infantry began attacks on the north side. On the latter date the pocket was being contained on the south, southwest, and west by Marine units; on the northwest, north, and northeast by Army troops. There were no troops on the east side, where the central ridges fell steeply to East Road, itself bounded on the east by a dense swamp which lay along the shores of the shallow bay separating Peleliu’s eastern and western arms.
    More than 16,000 Marines of the 1st , 5th and 7th Divisions and the Army’s 81st Division supported the invasion. Loaded among the supplies for battle were thousands of plain white wooden crosses. Dug in and fortified and waiting among the bunkers, caves and tunnels were 10,900 well trained and hardened Japanese soldiers and hundreds of Korean prisoner laborers. Marines and Infantrymen led the invasion on five separate beaches.
    Major General William Rupertus, who led the attack, predicted that the fight would be quick and fierce. Unimaginable heroism combined with unspeakable horrors, suffering and atrocities added to the hellishness of the place. Against terrible losses, Rupertus committed the 81st Infantry Division. Names like Hill 100, Bloody Nose Ridge, Umurbrogol Ridge, Death Valley, Amiangol Ridge and other hard fought battles became hellish memories for survivors as the ranks on both sides were thinned. After 3 months, on November 27, 1944 at 11 in the morning, GI’s in the 81st Division came up from the south on a mopping up mission and the worst was over.
    American Marines and Army casualties numbered 9615 of whom 1656 were killed in action. Of the Japanese forces, more than 11,000 were dead. Only 302 prisoners were taken and most of these were Korean laborers. Memories of the noise of battle, the terrible 115 degree heat, the thirst and pain, fear and chaos and the stench of death have followed the veterans of Peleliu for decades.
    Col Bennett T. Waites was honorably discharged after World War II and finished his Law Degree at the University of Alabama where he established a law firm with George Wallace in Birmingham, Alabama in 1949. Bennett died from complications of the flue in 2001.
    In memory of Colonel Bennett T. Waites, Montgomery, Alabama

  172. James keaveny Says:

    My uncle was Capt. Jerry V. Keaveny,
    I would appreciate any information at all !!! He Passed away from a heart attack at 32yrs aprox. 1950. He did have two purple Hearts, one Silver Star, and one Bronze Star.

  173. Tom Hatch Says:

    I’m researching information about my wife’s Uncle Pvt Otto P. Cherny, assigned to the 322 company H, he was killed on Anguar island on the night of Oct 3rd after he and his buddies were discovered setting explosive charges around an enemy position. He was from Dickinson, North Dakota. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or has any information about the guys that survived that fight.
    Tom Hatch

  174. wayne daudelin sr Says:

    looking for any info on my father,daudelin george m,81st,anfib,wounded,sept,44?anguar,peleliu never talked much about the war.all i know is he was front machine gunner,lvt,shot in left wrist by 6.5 round. only freind ever mentioned was belick.any info greatly appricated. dad died 1 dec 1989 in his own bed. thank you, i can be reached at

  175. lou Berk Says:

    Hi: My uncle t/ sgt Leon simon served with the 81st .wildcat div. 321st rct on anguar and peleliu. Any one who may have knew him please contact me at He never talked about the war and passed away not long after he came home from a blood disorder. thanks to all the “wildcats” who served in the pacific during WW2. my name is Lou Berk thank you.

  176. Glen Starcher, Jr. Says:

    This message is a long time coming, but I a proud son of a member of the 321st of the 81st. My dad was a marksman and called upon many times, but he never talks how many men he shot. Some of you mention your loved one were tankers. My father was ordered to follow tanks, on I think peleliu, because the japs were in tunnels with trap doors and would come up after a tank passed and put grenades under it. My dad says Peleliu was a battle beyond belief and that is why he and his buddies new talked of the past only the future. He now tells of one time at night he was relieved from a forword foxhole to get some coffee, heard an explosion and realized it was the hole he just came from. All that remained was the other man’s boot.He came out of the war and occupation of Japan with only minor wounds physically but had nightmares after returning home according to my mother. He is still alive and somewhat active in Snyder, Ok .

  177. Glen Starcher, Jr. Says:

    Followup to my story of my father’s service. If any of you know of an experimental drug for malaria that was given to the 81st by shot, please let me know. My father has suffered stomach problems for all of his post war years. Guess it hasn’t beem too bad since he is now 92!

    Please contact me if any of you tankers remember a little short guy following your tank popping the japs. Or, any information about this experimental vaccine.

  178. Mike Sheridan Says:

    My Dad, Frank Sheridan was at Peleliu and Anguar that I remember him talking about. I have a picture of him receiving the Bronze Star from
    Geneal Mueller. How would I post it on the site? Also have pictures of a
    bunch of the guys going through basic training. He was also one of six in
    the family of boys that all served during WWII.

  179. Matthew Smith Says:

    Looking for information or pictures of Pfc. James T. Smith. He was from Tennessee. He was killed on Pelieu Island Sept. 15. 1944

  180. George Converse Says:

    My father (Arthur Converse), passed away on January 22, 2012, was a First Sergeant, Company E of the 323 infantry, 81st Wildcat Division. Wounded on Peleliu, November 20, 1944. Like many of the emails I read, he did not speak of the war.

    If anyone has knowledge of his unit, I would appreciate the information.

    God Bless you

    George Converse

  181. Mike Durdovic Says:

    My father, Paul Durdovic, was in Company H of the 321st Infantry Division. He died in March 1962, when I was 13 years old. His wife, my mother died in 1972 while I was in the Air Force. There is so much more I wish I knew about them.

    From papers I have, I’m fairly sure my father must have been at Peliliu. His dischage papers list his occupation as “truck driver”. In a letter he wrote home, he mentioned his friend, nicknamed “Stumpy”. If anyone knew him, I would an email ( or letter (25A Rocky Rd. Brookfield CT 06804). If there’s a source of records I’d appreciate knowing about that also.

    Mike Durdovic

  182. Joseph Weant Jr Says:

    looking for information, and pictures of my grandfather John Damon Kraft E-322 infintry a member of the wildcats. Any friends or information, place to look for it myself? What I can say to all of you who claim your member was THE greatest man of Honor ever alive.. It really sounds to me like they were ALL that kind of man.. I know my grandfather was.

  183. Matt Myers Says:

    My grandfather, Roy Telesco was in H co, 321st RCT….he never spoke about the war. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks to all who served with him!

  184. Matt Myers Says:

    Correction Roy was in the HQ company 1st BN, 321st

  185. Robert Cigainero Says:

    My grandpa was Harold Joseph Cigainero. He was a sgt. in the 81st infantry division H company he was a heavy machine gunner. He never really talked much about the war but if by any chance anyone knows my grandfather and has any stories please contact me @ I have just recently gotten very interested in researching all of this and I am trying to compose some sort of book for the family. Thank you so much for your service to our country! God Bless!

  186. Don Miller Says:

    My great uncle Clarence William Morgan served with the 81st. He was a sergeant in the 322nd regiment company C and gave the ultimate sacrifice Oct. 12 1945 on Angaur island. He was posthumously awarded the silver star. He was only 24. Sadly, because he had no children of his own, his service and sacrifice had become forgotten. I had never even heard of him until just a few years ago my grandfather had given my mother a few boxes of pictures and keepsakes of the family. There was a box filled with his letters, medals, photos, and a special memorial edition history of the 81st. This book has been wonderful, giving me an opportunity to understand what these brave young boys truley did for their country. If anyone has known or served with my uncle, who was called Morgan by his comrades, please contact me at Any info would be great. I have now put uncle Billy’s photo on the wall and tell my children of this great man. He will not be forgotten again.

  187. Alex Says:

    What is your name?

  188. Alex Says:

    What’s your branch of service?

  189. Jean McAlister Freeman Says:

    My dad, PFC James O’Dell McAlister, Co. I, 322nd, was killed in action 1 October, 1944 on Anguar Island. I am his only child, and would like to obtain info re him and Co I of 322nd . Please contact me at

    Thanks for any information you may have.

    Jean McAlister Freeman

  190. Craig Stewart Says:

    Hello! I am researching information on my Grandfather, McKelvie Stewart, who was in the 81st Inf Div, Company D, 322nd Inf Regiment from 43′ to 46′ as a T-Sgt. He passed away in 1975 and did not discuss his war time experience as I understand it. Anyone with photographs that I can copy or more information on this unit, PLEASE contact me at or via telephone at 317-460-3356.

    Thank you!!

  191. Craig Stewart Says:

    Does anyone have a roster of the 81st? I am awaiting a DD214 for my grandfather, but am sure I am going to get a “fire letter” in response. On his discharge papers, it is listed as “Co D, 322nd Inf Reg” and the research I’ve done (and his medals and ribbons) point to him being in the 81st. Just a thought.

    Craig Stewart

  192. Donna Wilder Says:

    My Grandfather James J Wilder, served with the 81st Wildcat Division, 321st regimen, F-company during WWII. We have no photos of him from that time and he rarely talked about his years in the military. My father, brother and I are trying to find out as much as we can about this time so if anyone knows him or thanks they may have pictures of him and his unit please email me

    Thank you for your help and service to this country.

    Donna Wilder

  193. Debbie Parker Says:

    My father was Sgt Ben Hooper Harris 81st INF, 906FA BN, Btry C. He has lots of stories and pictures. I have no idea who the pictures are. I have copied some of the comments from “Baise, William ‘Bill’ – 81st Wildcat Division at Peleliu” and will present them to my dad to see who he remembers. All veterans I thank you for your service.

  194. Mark Kolodziej Says:

    My father served in the 81st. His name was Joseph Kolodziej from Joliet, Il.
    Does the name ring a bell with anyone. Does anybody know where you can find a roster
    of names of all who served. He died of lung cancer back in 1985. He was a good father.
    I know he was probably a rebel rouser in his young days. He never spoke too much about the war.
    Thanks to all who served.

  195. Bill Kennedy Says:

    From Uniontown, PA., My Dad (Bill) William H. Kennedy was in the 81st Wildcat division, 323 Regiment was at Ruckers, Pelelui, Philipines, New Caldonia, Japan and discharged. I dont know what his company was and cannot find out. Would really like to know more..have a lot of pictures of him and his buddies at Ruckers Alabama but no names! He drove a logging truck and they had him mostly drive a truck in the Army. I guess they had truck drivers in every company so its hard to say where he was attached. I posted earlier and called it the black Wildcat division because I thought the patch had a black cat on it…But I dont know about the color of their ensignia.. Bill was not in a black unit because I saw a picture of his company but it was too far away to see them well and no names.Any infor matio about Bill would be appreciated! He waqs killed in a car wreck in 1952 so we did not get to talk much! I was only 16 when he was killed. He still had Malaria…

  196. Nick LaMonica Says:

    My Uncle Rudolph Ticinovich (Rudy) was in the 81st in World War II
    army Peliliu. from 44-to 45. Looking for anyone who might know him or have pictures. We are thinking of coming to the event in Gulfport in a few weeks and want information.

  197. David B. Dunn Says:

    My father’s name was Moses Benjamin Dunn. He was always a physical man of great stature. He took pleasure in talking about his comrades in arms but stopped short of gory battle stories or details. He took pride in being a part of the 81st Wildcat infantry. He finished the third grade and started helping his dad farm. He was never over 75 miles from the place he was born. He joined the Army at his home county of Duplin North Carolina, got on the bus and was totally lost for the next three years. He remembers training at Fort Rucker Alabama. He shared a story of his mountain training in Tennessee. They were having war games and his post was at the entrance to a mountain road. His orders was to inform his platoon if the enemy was approaching that road. After three hours of non-activity, he became restless and tired and went to sleep. Needless to say three ladies were going to the stream with milk to cool. Dad stated they were unaware of the war games and he was well hidden. One of the girls began laughing loudly awakening my Dad. He stood up firing several rounds of fire into the air. Two girls began screaming and one fainted dead away. The commotion attracted the attention of a judge of the games who came quickly, saw Dad’s position and the position of a group of men who was sneaking up, unknowingly, on Dad’s position and pronounced those men dead. He remembers snakes sleeping with soldiers at desert training at Death Valley. He remembered being a boxer, an MP, and a lifeguard. He remembers being an anchor of a human chain in order to rescue drowning soldiers from the ocean. He remembered his Sargent said everyone without a wife or children, step forward. That is how he was chosen to be qualified for Ranger training. He remembers being beside Sargent Dull as he stepped into his first battle as the gate opened from the troup carrier and Sargent Dull’s head being shot off with a mortar shell. He remembers the Sargent walking three steps with no head. He remembers fighting 7 days and nights with no sleep in one location and the noise as being horrifying. He remembers the Rangers carrying ammunition, like pack mules, up the side of a high mountain. They were sent 50 yards apart. He said he would cringe every time the Japs found the target and hit one of them. When he reached the point where they were shot there wouldn’t even be a portion of the body left. The explosive power of what they were carrying would just erase evidence of there ever being a person there, just a hole in the ground. The last battle for Dad was they had him firing a howitzer into caves that the Japs were held up into. He said every time he fired the Japs moved dead bodies from the entrance so they could fire at the American soldiers. After several rounds the concussion had Dad bleeding out his nose and ears, then remembers nothing until he was on the Hospital Ship heading home to Camp Butner North Carolina. I would ask Dad what Island did that happen and he would answer, “One of them Islands on the way to Tokoyo”. Once and only once did I ask Dad did he fire his gun and kill any one and see him die. With tears in his eyes he replied yes but the first one had a beautiful wife and three kids. I ask him how did he know this? He wept and told me that he saw their family Photo in his pocket purse. I never ask again.
    Dad was diagnosed with battle fatique. Dad was a gentle giant and never harmed a soul after the war, but Dad fought that war till he died.
    Dad died at 88 years old. Sure miss him.

  198. Mark Berkowitz Says:

    My father was in 323 wild cats , Purple heart Bronze Star. Thank God he made it home..Mark Berkowitz

  199. Kathy Campbell Says:

    My father in law passed away at the age of 90 on Oct. 7, 2012. His name was Vernon Campbell. We had known only, that he had served in the Pacific theater. Nothing else as he never spoke of the war except to say that after 2 years in the jungle he had to be reassigned to Ft.Knox due to incurable jungle rot in both of his ears. We just discovered his discharge papers which list his service with 321st infantry regiment, 81st Division. He was a light machine gunner. How would we expand on this scant information, perhaps even find a photo of him with his Army buddies?

  200. MIKE WALKER Says:

    My Uncle Nolan Crutcher Walker served with the 81st division wildcats durning WWII stationed in the pacific.

  201. joseph weant Jr Says:

    I am looking for any info regarding my grandfather John Damon Kraft. Friends/pics/information or ANYTHING that may just give me a picture a clue, a small piece?? he was the only man of his sort I ever knew, hes been gone for a few years already having passed away at the age of 94. he was my hero, no other ever was, or will be my hero like my grandfather.. please share info/pics if you have, I have found nothing..

  202. joseph weant Jr Says:

    John Damon Kraft 81st wildcat 322nd.. hopefully that is accurate.

  203. Roy Bruneman Says:

    Any info on my Uncle Roy Bruneman recieved Silver Star ,died LOD w 321 st on Peleliu

  204. Gary F. Bailey Says:

    BAILEY, Galen F. “Cap”, Tech Sergeant, 81st Infantry Division (Wildcats), 323rd Regiment, 1st Bn, Company I, 1st Platoon. Fought at Ulithi, Anguar, and Peleliu. Was severely WIA by Mortar fire on “Bloody Nose Ridge” at 4:00 PM on Oct. 28, 1944. Dad spent several years in various VA hospitals after the war and they were still removing shrapnel from him a year prior to his passing in 2005. Asked for his thoughts on Memorial Day by a local newspaper His reply: “My Boys……..All my boys I had to leave behind. Cap was awarded a full Athletic Scholarship as a Punter & Fullback to PENN STATE University, playing several seasons prior to being drafted into service in 1940. Galen passed away on June 2, 2005, on his 86th birthday.. Family contact: Son Gary Bailey

  205. Susan Howell Says:

    My father, Lawerence (L.C.) Howell was in the 81st Wildcat division in Peleliu.

  206. ROMEO Says:


  207. andrea love Says:

    i am looking for my father gary hamlton family my mother name was rosie love who lived on the west side of chicago ill. i met him in the late sixty and he had remarried and had a son name andre i will love to see a picture of my father or know some thing about him please any one that know any thing contact me i know he served in the army in the sixy,s and was killed gambling that what my mother told me before she died in 1997 and if i have a bother i will love to meet him i also think my father had a brother name andrew that,s why i was named andrea i will be 51 yeas old 8/21/1962 so please help me god bless you.

  208. chamblee, m.v. Says:

    my father is dewey s. simon. he wasin the wildcat division company c, 321st division, under paul mueller ,fort rucker,alabama.he is now at the Bill Nickols veterns home in alexander city,alabama. he is alert ! his age is 90 years of age. he was wounded and recieved a purple heart. fought on island off philipines.

  209. Fiona Press Says:

    I live in Sydney, Australia. On a recent trip to Melbourne, in the famous old hotel Young and Jackson’s – a popular haunt of US Marines when on leave in Australia in 1942 – I chanced upon a letter, framed and hanging on the wall. It was from former Marine A. J. Cook. Dated December 2000, he thanks to the publican for sending souvenirs of the hotel and reminisces about its celebrated portrait of Chloe and the friendly and not-so-friendly fights that broke out between US and Australian servicemen back in ’42 when too much beer had been drunk. The letter also mentions Peleliu and the loss of two friends there. It is a most poetic, beautiful and affecting letter. I am keen to know if A. J. Cook is still with us and/or to make contact with him or his family.

  210. Chris Seep Says:

    My dad, deceased, joined the 81st right at the end of the war as a replacement. I can remember him talking about the battle of Valencia. Does anyone know anything about this engagement, and does anyone remember Chris “Red” Seep? He may be remembered as a baseball pitcher.